Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Son of Clowns" (2016)

Here is my review of the movie, “Son on Clowns” (2016)…

For anyone who knows me or has read a few of my reviews, knows I love independent films. Why?...because they are the most real. They tell the truest stories from the darkest of places and are told through the best and most raw acting performances you’ll ever see! Movies now are all about the numbers. How much does each actor make and how much will it pull at the box office?  Actors don’t act anymore. They simply want to get paid. Writers and directors don’t make movies anymore; they want to make “block-busters”.  One of my favorite lines from this film was, “Everybody is doing this for a poster and not substance”. We need to get back to substance when making movies and that’s exactly what this movie gives you!

In a nut shell, this movie proves that sometimes you need to come home and hit your rock bottom in order to find yourself. This storyline goes to some dark corners that may re-open some wounds for its viewers. Some scenes may be difficult to watch due to their intensity, but this is what we are really looking for. People need to feel emotion when watching the big screen. I don’t want to see a car rolling over 8 times and then blowing up, flames going over 100 feet high. I want to relate. Movies are best enjoyed when they are more relatable to their audiences. This movie is a perfect example. We’ve all had moments where we’re not proud of where we came from. Our parents and families embarrass us. We have dreams of being so much more than they ever were...being bigger and better. But sometimes, that’s just not what life hands you. And sometimes, that can be too much to deal with.  How people deal with failure and success is also a very relatable topic. We all either know someone like or have been the lead character Hudson Cash (played by Adam Lee Ferguson); someone unable to cope with their lack of success.  That’s what makes this movie, even though it’s a drama, so good. You are a person in this story. Whether you’re the lead character or the bystanders, you’ve been here before.

One last thing I’d like to mention about this amazing film…not only did I love this story, but I also loved the fresh, new faces of its brilliant actors! Again, this is why independent films are so great! These actors are here to act! They are here to help tell brilliant stories. I loved everyone in this film, but for me there were two break-out performances. First, Eric Hartley. When this man speaks, I believe every single word that comes out of his mouth. Every emotion that comes across his face is honest. I didn’t see an actor, I saw a real man in real situations. I loved every second of his performance! Second, Anne-Marie Kennedy. This girl is going to be a star. Every scene she was in, she stole. Every other actor could have left the room and you wouldn’t have noticed. When she’s on screen, your eyes are glued to her. Great actress!!

Here is my review! Hope you all enjoyed it and as always, opinions are welcomed!

- Jennifer Ann Kolowinski

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